God Of War: Blood And Metal EP

Here’s just a quick review of the EP to go with God of War III.

The EP is a very strong approach to metal with almost all songs having a brutality or strangeness to them that is consistent with the bands and games.

Despite a fairly lacklustre performance from Killswitch Engage, the album is pure destruction from Trivium and Roadrunner newcomers Taking Dawn.

With Trivium’s ‘Shattering The Skies Above’ seeing the band go back to the sound that made them huge on Ascendancy it’s a must have for any Trivium fan.

Both Dream Theater and Opeth have went for their standard prog sound that too many is just strange, but it’s in a way that is amazingly beautiful (yes i’m calling a metal song “beautiful”).

Newcomers Taking Dawn have done what seems like a comedic approach and seem to have created a song out the line 300 line “This Is Sparta!”.

Also on the album are Mutiny Within, who with potentially the 2nd softest song on the album, have done what KSE couldn’t and created a great song that includes almost no screaming! With rich vocals and drum and guitar riffs to keep you hooked, the song shows exactly the power of Mutiny Within and where they could go!


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