Review: Bonecrusher Tour

With a name like Bonecrusher, you know you’re going to get loud, fast and brutal metal when this gig rolls into town. And so it was with Ingested (7) who got things off to a pounding start with a tight set. You know a band is going places when they’re the first on the bill and still manage to draw a big crowd, so expect to see more of the Manchester lads. Not to be outdone, Carnifex (7) played with their usual aplomb. Few bands can write songs with breakdowns that don’t sound formulaic or get boring after a few listens, and young bands could learn something about that from the Californians.

Things take a decidedly technical turn with The Faceless (6) and Obscura (7). You know both bands are uber-technical, but it’s hard to realise just how much until you see them live. It’s not a style of music that naturally lends itself to moshing, but watching them live is the thinking metalhead’s wet dream.

“The lyrics generally tend to revolve around darkness, evil, anti-Christianity and Viking mythology”, says Necrophobic’s (7) Wikipedia, and the Swedes definitely don’t disappoint with corpsepaint, spikes and skull n’ bones flying every which way. All the imagery amounts to nothing if not backed by good music, which is where they succeed with a barrage of blast-beats and blackened death metal riffing. They’re even kind enough to help out 3 Inches of Blood (8) with vocal duties on Call Of The Hammer. The Canadian heavy-metallers are something of a surprise package tonight – sure, the new album sounds good, but how will they sound live without long-time screamer Jamie Hooper? Better than ever was the answer, as they powered through a rambunctious set, closing, of course, with The Goatriders Horde. Vocalist Cam Pipes is a pure delight to behold live, and the power he manages to get into his shrieks is absolutely astounding.

Astounding is definitely an adjective you can use to describe The Black Dahlia Murder’s (9) headlining set tonight. It’s almost the end of the tour and they’ve been on the road for over a month, but the energy with which the band jump onto the stage, from the word go, is unbelievable. Trevor looks like a man possessed, appendages flailing with even more aggression than normal. The show is everything we’ve come to expect from TBDM – ferocious, intense, in-your-face and… well, bonecrushing! They pull out material from every album, with Necropolis, A Vulgar Picture and Closed Casket requiem particular highlights. Unbelievably, the PA cuts out toward the end of Deathmask Divine and robs fans of an encore on a night when the band is firing on all cylinders. All efforts to get the rig going again fail, leaving the band no choice but to end festivities. What a horrible night to have a PA cut.


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