Review: Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain (Islington Academy, London)

Review the recent Welcome To Hell UK tour featuring Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain.

To say that The Acacia Strain (8) are riding the crest of a wave would be something of an understatement. Their latest album, the monolithic ‘Wormwood’, has received universal acclaim and their live shows have been beastly enough to match the record. So it is no surprise to see them on top form again tonight as they rip through a set full of big riffs, bigger breakdowns and the unearthly vocals of Vince Bennett. The setlist draws on many new songs, but also includes old mosh-favourites like ‘Dr. Doom’ and leave people gasping for air at the end.

Just as they catch their breath, Whitechapel (8) come on and play a set that is so full of pure aggression that it’s a wonder people aren’t blown off their feet. Enjoying the most successful period of their own career, the Tennessee boys play a set that draws very heavily from ‘A New Era Of Corruption’, their latest effort. That is certainly a good strategy, because songs like ‘Breeding Violence’ and ‘Reprogrammed To Hate’ are full of grooves so thick you could bite into them. The band’s famed ‘bodybangs’ are very much a part of the set, and add a visual element to the show. By the end, you can only come away impressed.


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