Single Review: Europe – Not Supposed To Sing The Blues

I am all for band’s of yesteryear bringing out new records and touring, there are a fair few nowadays that are still kicking about and it is great… if they are doing themselves justice. I am not sure if Europe’s latest track is supporting the talent that they possess.

A straightforward riff brings ‘Not Supposed To Sing The Blues’ into action but it doesn’t instantly grab your attention. Something jars casino online the vocals and the rhythm from flowing completely. The pace is a little too slow and the guitar work may be just a little too simple. The chorus reminds me of something that online casino Chris Cornell would sing and actually, it all reminds me casino online of a casino spiele Chris Cornell song. There is a half decent guitar solo distraction as we pass the midway point, and that is probably the highlight of the track.

All in all this is just a bit too bland for my liking. If it had a bit more pace, with a bit of a kick, that would be much nicer. Europe may still have it in them, deep down, we just need them to wake up the rock monster within.

Rating – 5


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