Trivium – Glasgow Barrowlands – 12th March 2010

Following up there last visit to Scotland’s largest city on the Unholy Alliance tour with the almighty Slayer, Floridian Nu-Thrash-Metallers Trivium returned with the “Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour” A very apt title which is slightly ironic since the song that the title is drawn from was not played tonight.

Having arrived late I missed the first 2 support acts of the night, Rise To Remain and Whitechapel, well I missed most of Whitechapel, made it in for the last song, they sounded heavy and brutal enough, but with the inability to understand anything the singer was saying and a lack of crowd participation this just wasn’t there night, maybe on their own headline show it would’ve been much better!

Next up was Cleveland’s own Chimaira. Chimaira were a welcome break from Whitechapel, with a distinct sound, heavy riffing and crowd help, Chimaira helped tear the place apart! Powering through tracks from both their new album and old fan favourites, the support slot maybe wasn’t enough for them. The crowd demanded a lot and boy did Chimaira provide. In the words of one fan “They just keep getting better and fucking better every time i see them!”. (4/5)

Finally, tonights headliners, Florida’s Trivium. Having received mixed reviews in world of metal from young and old and being described as a cheap rip-off to Metallica by some, Trivium are really a love em or hate em band, and don’t they know it. From the moment the lights drop everyone here tonight is a Trivium fan and the energy is insane! Opening with old school track ‘Rain’ followed up by ‘Drowned and Torn Asunder’ and ‘Like Light To The Flies’ the band prove that is not just going to be a show to promote most recent release ‘Shogun’, this is a show for a true Trivium metalhead, even after a few sound issues in these songs, the evidence is there! Next up is a few tracks from the release, which includes the band having to stop for 5 minutes after new drummer, Nick Augusto, burst his only snare drum and it had to be replaced with house snare during ‘Throes of Perdition’. The band just keep rattling off the trash numbers which include new track ‘Shattering The Skies Above’ and Sepultura cover ‘Slave New World’. The band show that they are here for the fans and nothing else, with Matt and Paolo constantly interacting and just generally showing that they love everything about the show. This was personally my 3rd time seeing the act and I have to say its the most impressive musically that they have ever been, and with Matt promising that the next Trivium record (Which is going to start being written and recorded as soon as this tour is over) will be the best Trivium record yet, thats a lot to live up to! (4/5).


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