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Frank Turner

Gig Review: Frank Turner, Glasgow Barrowlands, 25th November 2011

It’s hard to feel any ill towards Frank Turner. Sporting the image of a busker who has made it to the big time, he clearly loves music, he loves people, and he loves life. The fact that he is incredibly English doesn’t bother the Scottish crowd at all, and everyone in attendance is here to […]

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Within Temptation

Gig Review: Within Temptation, Barrowlands, Glasgow, 10th November 2011

As a rock fan, it’s comforting to me that a symphonic metal band from mainland Europe can perform in a venue of this size on the British Isles (and this isn’t the biggest venue of the tour). Clearly not a mainstream genre, the ascent of bands such as Within Temptation is something we should look […]

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Enter Shikari

Gig Review: Enter Shikari, Barrowlands, Glasgow, 13th October 2011

About halfway through Enter Shikari’s set, just after No Sssweat, a part of me thinks “Damn, I am getting too old for this” as my neck screams with pain and my lungs whimper with exhaustion. I look to the right of me where I see, casually holding on to the barrier while screaming her lungs […]

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Twin Atlantic

Gig Review: Twin Atlantic, Barrowlands, Glasgow, 6th May 2011

For Twin Atlantic, tonight’s gig is a celebration. Having more than proved themselves on the touring circuit, opening for high profile bands such as My Chemical Romance and The Smashing Pumpkins, it is now their turn to headline the larger stages. They may be bigger in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK, but with more […]

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