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Burning Borders Free Album Giveaway

Burning Borders are giving away their debut album “Truth and Logic”, free of charge. This continue the trend set by their label, Thorny Bleeder Records, who keep using free music as part of an strategy to reach the fans where ever they are, and giving fans options instead of restrictions.

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Thorny Bleeder Records Release “Get Thorny 2” (Free Download)

Thorny Bleeder Records are celebrating the one year anniversary of their blog (The Bleeder Blog) by giving away a compilation album featuring 17 tracks by 17 bands from the rooster of the Vancouver based label. The album titled “Get Thorny 2” have been made available for FREE download all over the web and Thorny Bleeder […]

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Record label teams with pirate party of canada

I’m sure everybody is aware of the ongoing debate on Copyright infringements, piracy & civil rights that are happening all over the world these days (the last ten years, really). Well, in Canada, the newly formed The Pirate Party of Canada launched, on the 25th September, their very own BitTorrent tracker, code named Captain (CaPT […]

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