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Jimi Croker

Exclusive Interview Series: The internet and the music industry – Jimi Croker

As part of a new series of interviews EspyRock commander-in-chief Michael Hughes, who is currently writing a dissertation on the effect of the internet on the music industry for the University Of The West Of Scotland, will be getting the views of artists on the internet’s effect on the music industry. The interview series will […]

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Death Valley Pornstar

Sexy. Devilish. Rock and Roll for the masses! Formed in early 2008, DVP quickly built a name for itself on the strength of powerful live shows & razor-sharp songwriting. Lead vocalist Jezebel Rose, guitarist Jimi Stroker, bassist Adrien “Money” Gomez and drummer Giovanni Fuentes always have fun on stage and bring a down and dirty […]

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Band Recommendations – 27th January 2010

These recommendations were of course meant to be part of our Music Monday, but due to time restrictions and a host of other events currently going on, I was unable to get them written and online and therefore I am bringing them to you today. 5 bands and i hope you enjoy.

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