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Album Review: TRC – Bright Lights

The Revolution Continues, or TRC as they are more commonly known, will release their new album ‘Bright Lights’ on August 8th. As one of the most hotly anticipated hardcore albums of recent years and a stunning live show, there was a lot of hope for this record. Unfortunately though, from around the 90-second mark the […]

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Annotations Of An Autopsy

EP Review: Annotations Of An Autopsy – Dark Days

The only other Annotations of an Autopsy CD I’ve ever listened to is ‘The Reign of Darkness’. I thought it was a great mix of tough guy hardcore and death metal. I remember thinking it was one of the most brutal pieces of music I’ve ever heard and that I needed to begin listening to […]

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EP Review: Dripback – Inhaling The Ashes

Given that their lineup is comprised of members of such sonically savage bands as Ted Maul, Labrat and River Freshney, it comes as little surprise that Dripback, an intriguing, newly-formed collective from London, deal in nothing other than utterly knackering brutality. As the band’s debut EP ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ testifies, however, this heaviness manifests itself […]

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Album Review: Terror – Keepers Of The Faith

Experimentation, variation, progress and maturity are words that are usually thrown about when a band has been around for 8 years and is putting out their fifth full-length. Do LA hardcore boys Terror tick any of those boxes? Like fuck they do.

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Ghosts Of Eden – EP stream

EspyRock has teamed up with Ghosts Of Eden to offer a full stream of the bands debut EP ‘Ignorance & Lies’, as well as offering two free downloads and the opportunity to win one of three signed copies of their EP that we are giving away. But of course, who are the Ghosts Of Eden?

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12 bands announced for Sonisphere UK

Sonisphere have announced 12 new bands which add to their current bill. The 12 new acts as announced this morning

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Mega Music Monday Playlist – 29th March 2010

This week we’re doing a special playlist of songs we think are cool, but don’t necessarily get the attention or plaudits they deserve. Just click on the song name and get listening. What do you think?

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