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Carnifex – “Dude. Backstreets Back.”

Genres are a curious thing. By their very definition they have an inherent flaw when used to define music, because they are a written attempt to describe something that cannot have a dialectic equivalent. But in the absence of a better means of communicating how something sounds, genres are forced to suffice. Sometimes it works […]

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Music Monday Band Recommendations – 7th December 2009

This week I took a different direction for my recommendations and called upon Last.fm. I looked at who they were recommending to me and looked at some of the bands who were not striking listener numbers above 500.

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Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Movin On - Movin On

Music Monday Playlist – 2nd November 2009

Welcome to another Music Monday at EspyRock. As always I have a playlist to help kick start your week which hopefully you will enjoy with ten great tracks from ten great bands that are must own songs! I hope you enjoy and if you wish to support EspyRock you can purchase the song and albums […]

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