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My Dying Bride to release new EP The Barghest O’ Whitby in November

Following the release of Evinta earlier this year, in which the band marked 20 years of existence with a release of symphonic compositions re-imagining past My Dying Bride themes, the UK doom legend now presents its latest chapter in the form of new EP, ‘The Barghest O’ Whitby,’ to be released November 7th through Peaceville […]

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Virgin Steele and Cannibal Corpse added to 70,000 Tons of Metal

70,000 Tons of Metal, the floating festival, has added Virgin Steele and Cannibal Corpse to their bill for next year’s event. Read the press statement for adding both bands below. After Hurricane Irene has delayed their arrival at the North American East Coast they finally anchored in the Hudson River. Welcome to The Big Apple! […]

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New My Dying Bride music video

My Dying Bride is releasing a new EP on October 26th featuring the track “Bring Me Victory” from the “For Lies I Sire” album. The EP also includes cover versions of “Scarborough Fair” &

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