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The Catharsis release Empty Lungs lyric video

The Catharsis have released a lyric video for their song ‘Empty Lungs’ which appeared on their early 2012 EP ‘Bitter Seeds.’

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The Catharsis searching for new drummer

The Catharsis have announced the departure of their drummer Bev and are now actively seeking a replacement so that they can continue touring in support of their current EP ‘God Damned’. The Birmingham based hardcore band are looking for drummers to email them at morgan.tedd@live.co.uk if they wish to audition to join the band.

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The Catharsis planning possible split release

After the release of their ‘God Damned’ EP, The Catharsis are now asking for fans suggestions as to who, if they go ahead with it, should they create a split release with for the follow up. If you have a suggestion then hit the band up on their Facebook page.

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The Catharsis

EP Review: The Catharsis – God Damned

The hardcore scene is one I tend to stay away from. A lot of the time, the over-the-top brutality ends up boring me more than anything else. I did like The Ghost Of A Thousand, and surely everyone loves Refused’s ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ but apart from those and a few others, the […]

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