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Korn release Way Too Far music video

Korn have released a brand new music video for their song ‘Way Too Far’ which appears on their latest album ‘The Path Of Totality.’

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Korn release Chaos Lives In Everything music video

Korn have released a new music video for ‘Chaos Lives In Everything,’ the latest single from their nu-metal dubstep album ‘The Path Of Totality.’ The single is being released by Roadrunner Records in Australia only and is one of the few songs from the album to feature Skillrex.

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Korn announce The Path Of Totality release date

Korn have announced that their brand new album ‘The Path Of Totality’ will be released on 5th December. The album is a far cry away from their nu-metal back catalogue as they have collaborated with a series of dubstep and electronic artists and producers for an experimental release.

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