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Playlist: The White Stripes (Part 2)

I’m back with Disc 2 of my The White Stripes greatest hits list, just in time for the weekend. See Disc 1 (More Rock & Electric) here – The White Stripes playlist part 1. This time the focus is on the more acoustic & folksy side of The White Stripes & it’s only fitting that […]

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Music Monday Playlist: The White Stripes (Part 1)

A while ago I was asked if I could name my favourite The White Stripes songs & I thought; sure no problem. I sat down and figured I’d make a top 10 list, but that was easier said than done, I simply couldn’t get the number down to 10, there was too many to choose […]

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Broken Bricks

It’s true, you most likely have not heard of Broken Bricks, unless you are from Toronto, Canada (their hometown and local scene). * Small update, Check out this post to get five songs for free & the entire album for $1! They have been making a name for themselves in Toronto over the past year […]

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